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I'm Joci

I am a visual designer who embraces simplicity, and works at the intersection of passion and purpose to create designs that evoke feeling.

I have been pushing pixels for 20 years, and enjoy my part in designing a world that is thoughtful, impactful and beautiful.

From websites to well-rounded campaigns, I’m a versatile designer known for creating quick, thoughtful visuals to fit a variety of channels: web, print, email, social… you name it. Always up for a challenge, I strive to keep up with the dynamic and ever-changing web and design worlds. I love learning new things and immersing myself in everything design has to offer – drawing inspiration from photography, hand lettering, music and cupcakes.


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Level Fire Mage


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Do what you love


Photoshop 95%
Illustrator 75%
InDesign 85%
After Effects 45%
Photography Obsession 100%
Coloring 95%
Staying Inside the Lines 40%


Evoking emotion through visual storytelling, resulting in stunning designs.

Art Direction

Crafting the creative process with intention, nurturing the design concept to completion.


Bringing a cohesive representation, through clean and timeless design.

Love what you do


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I’m always looking forward to new seasons of The Voice new opportunities, so let’s chat if you have any!

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